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Music therapy for dementia : the effect of music therapy in reducing behavioural problems in elderly people with dementia

  • Annemieke Christine Vink

Annemieke Christine Vink

Jaar: 2013

Uitgeverij: Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Groningen

Listening to music, or making music yourself, reduces behavioural problems and restlessness in people with dementia. ‘Music helps elderly people with dementia to relax', explains UMCG researcher Annemieke Vink. ‘You use specific parts of your brain to speak, and those are the skills that you tend to lose with dementia. Listening to music activates many more parts of the brain. Music thus appeals to people very directly and helps them to express themselves.' According to Vink, care for demented people would benefit from more attention to music as a means of creating rest, relaxation and contact. Vink was awarded a PhD by the University of Groningen for her research on 6 May 2013.