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Need fulfillment in caring relationships: It's relation with well-being of nursing home residents

  • Annet Custers

Annet Custers

Jaar: 2013

ISBN 978-94-6182-279-9
Behavioral Science Institute (Radboud University Nijmegen) 

Quality of life and well-being in nursing homes are becoming more important. Based on Self-Determination Theory the need fulfillment of nursing home residents and the contribution to their well-being is being investigated. Self-reports as well as video-observations are used to explore the contribution of staff to residents needs of relatedness, autonomy and competence. The questionnaire and observational studies both show positive relationships between need fulfillment and well-being (depressive feelings and life-satisfaction). However, staff, observers and residents often disagree on the measures of need fulfillment and well-being. In a longitudinal study the needs and the relation with well-being are being investigated over time in residents recently being admitted to the nursing home.