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Rapporten & Artikelen

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van artikelen en rapportage (van Nederlandse auteurs) met betrekking tot ouderenpsychiatrie.


Being all alone makes me sad": loneliness in older adults with depressive symptoms.
Van Beljouw IM, van Exel E, de Jong Gierveld J, Comijs HC, Heerings M, Stek ML, van Marwijk HW.
ECT: It’s brain enabling effects: A review of Electroconvulsive Therapy-induced Structural brain plasticity.
Bouckaert F, Sienaert P, Obbels J, Dols A, Vandenbulcke M, Stek M, Bolwig T.
Late-life depression symptom profiles are differentially associated with immunometabolic functioning.
Vogelzangs N, Comijs HC, Oude Voshaar RC, Stek ML, Penninx BW.
Prevalence and correlates of depressive symptoms in a catchment-area based cohort of older community-living schizophrenia patients.
Meesters PD, Comijs HC, Sonnenberg CM, Hoogendoorn AW, de Haan L, Eikelenboom P, Beekman AT, Stek ML.
Older Age Is Associated with Rapid Remission of Depression After Electroconvulsive Therapy: A Latent Class Growth Analysis.
Rhebergen D, Huisman A, Bouckaert F, Kho K, Kok R, Sienaert P, Spaans HP, Stek M.
Dr. Spaans and colleagues reply.
Spaans HP, Verwijk E, Sienaert P, Stek ML, Bouckaert F, Comijs HC, Kok RM, Scherder EJ, Kho KH.
Implementing an outreaching, preference-led stepped care intervention programme to reduce late life depressive symptoms: results of a mixed-methods study.
van Beljouw IM, Laurant MG, Heerings M, Stek ML, van Marwijk HW1, van Exel E.
Pulling out all the stops: what motivates 65+ year olds with depressive symptoms to participate in an outreaching preference-led intervention programme?
van Beljouw IM, Heerings M, Abma TA, Laurant MG, Veer-Tazelaar PJ, Baur VE, Stek ML, van Marwijk HW, Van Exel E.
Speed of remission in elderly patients with depression: electroconvulsive therapy v. medication.
Spaans HP, Sienaert P, Bouckaert F, van den Berg JF, Verwijk E, Kho KH, Stek ML, Kok RM.
The state of psychogeriatrics in Europe: challenges and opportunities in six European countries.
Fernandes L, Mateos R, Engedal K, von Gunten A, Stek ML, Ramakrishnan A, Ihl R, Wang H, Mintzer J, Brodaty H.